Close the supply chain sustainability gap with Contingent

Escape ineffective tick box questionnaires, unattended workshops, and underused learning systems and drive real and meaningful change across your suppliers, with expert-led, AI-driven supply chain interventions, at scale.

What is Contingent's Supply Chain Intervention Platform?

We’ve built an AI-driven platform for launching compliant supply chain sustainability intervention. Ready for takeoff?

Risk-based systems that simply flag major sustainability risks within your supply chain are not helping you drive impact and ultimately achieve your Sustainability targets. Your suppliers, often SMEs, are struggling for direction and a lack of resource/expertise is causing inertia. You need to intervene. With Contingent's Supply Chain Intervention platform, you can identify the suppliers ready to deliver impact, align them to Science-based targets and support them to execute independently verified action plans, helping you drive real impact at scale.

Go from intervention to action fast by identifying the right Supplier partners

  • Solely spend-based systems for identifying the suppliers to prioritise for intervention are not driving success
  • Factors like location, regulatory environment, appetite and supplier budget need to be considered
  • Enterprises are setting themselves up for failure and need an ROI-focused approach to Intervention
  • Contingent's proprietary supplier index enables you to identify the suppliers ready for intervention, increasing chances of success and the ability to drive impact

Transform your supply chain by enabling your suppliers with the support they need

  • For your Suppliers, getting sustainability right is hard
  • Often SMEs, resource and expertise are low and business leaders don't want to distract from the core mission
  • Intervene and enable Suppliers by inviting them to Contingent's expert-powered Sustainability Operating System
  • The platform gives Suppliers all the tools and 1-to-1 advisor support they need to meet the targets you set

Track progress and communicate your sustainability story quickly and easily

  • One centralised view of supplier progress. Track against science-based targets and intervene where needed
  • Full audit trail, so there is a record of every intervention you make, which can be evidenced for regulatory/internal reporting
  • Manage internal conversations, with automated marketing-ready reports and infographics

Increase supplier engagement and drive real change in your supply chain

" We are a global semiconductor provider and have a large physical supply chain. We knew that scope 3 was going to be a huge focus, so we spent over a year running workshops and trying to get our SME suppliers to agree to science-based targets, but struggled to get buy-in. Now we use Contingent to invite suppliers to the platform, to jointly set targets and equip them with support, which is helping us make a real impact "