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Contingent is made up of a diverse team that collaborates from all over the world! Some live in the Sunny hills of Italy to the busy suburbs of London. We all work to achieve the same goals together. The journey is what empowers us to inspire each other to embrace new challenges. If the prospect of being surrounded by motivated and industry-leading experts sounds appealing to you, then we would love to hear from you, apply today!

Public Statement: Important Alert Regarding Fraudulent Job Offers

We have been made aware of a fraudulent scheme where individuals are being targeted by an organisation impersonating Contingent. These scammers are falsely offering job positions and attempting to acquire personal bank details from job applicants. Please be advised that Contingent follows a formal recruitment process and we do not request bank details or any form of payment as part of our job application or hiring process. Any such requests should be considered fraudulent.

What to Look Out For

Unsolicited job offers or requests for personal information via email or text message.

Communications that do not originate from our official recruitment channels

Official Recruitment Channels:Contingent's official website:

Verified social media accounts:

If You Have Been Contacted:Do not provide any personal information or make any payments.

Report the incident to the local authorities and Action Fraud, the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime.

Contact us directly through our official channels to verify any communications.

What to Look Out For

Contingent is committed to ensuring a transparent and secure recruitment process. We apologise for any inconvenience or distress this situation may have caused. We appreciate the vigilance of the public in bringing this issue to our attention and we urge everyone to exercise caution when receiving unsolicited job offers. Thank you for your attention to this important matter.Contingent Recruitment Team

Our benefits

At Contingent we put an emphasis on rewarding our people for all the amazing work they do. Our goal is to lead the way in offering an inclusive culture where every one of our employees feels included and has room to grow. We offer some of the more run of the mill benefits such as, pensions, maternity leave, flexible office working, birthday leave - to name a few. But we also like to think we go the extra mile, see below. Our team is constantly adding to the list of benefits we offer.

Unlimited training

One of the key values here at Contingent is the spirit of learning and discovery. We encourage everyone at Contingent to pursue passions and interests wherever they find them, and facilitate this with a range of training courses in all manner of subjects!

Medical Insurance

At Contingent, you will have access to private medical insurance to support your health and wellbeing. The aim is to make your medical insurance more affordable and accessible.

Deliveroo Friday's

Deliveroo Friday's enable our team to make the most of the local takeaways in their area. From Chinese to Italian, every other Friday, we assign you an allowance so you can get lunch or dinner on us. If you don't have Deliveroo in your area you can expense your food to make sure you don't miss out!

Hear From Contingent Data Engineer Lily Tian

Q1. Why choose a career in Data Engineering?

After finishing my degree I became a data analyst. While working I got to learn more about the engineering side of the world and again, quickly jump into it! Now 3 years in I am still learning every single day!

Q2. How do you feel supported in your role?

As someone who doesn't have many years of experience in software engineering, I can say the team supports me with anything I struggled with. On a daily basis, we always pair up with other people to work so I never felt alone or helpless. With things outside of work, we have regular socials and catch ups with people and it was always fun.

Q3. What keeps you inspired and empowered at work?

Every single task I work on involves something new to me and it excites me to do even more to expand my knowledge. Also, the teamwork here at Contingent is very fun, every engineer has their own expertise but everyone is also happy to pair up and share their knowledge to help each other out.

Our Head of Customer Success Sue Farrance

Q1. Why a Career in Customer Success?

Simply because it has its roots in relationship building. The added benefits are that you are able to solve problems and help with the success of your customers. No two days are the same and you are always learning along the way.

Q2. How do you feel supported?

The environment at Contingent is inclusive that naturally gives the feel of support day-to-day. I know I can (and have) reach out to anyone, the support is just there.

Q3. Why do you feel that Contingent is successful?

Super product complete with awesome support from the whole of the business. Great team, great customers, team all working to the same shared end goal which is of course world domination!

Tech Talent Charter & Contingent

What is TTC?

Contingent has recently been awarded as a Signatory for the Tech Talent Charter. This demonstrates our commitment to increasing the inclusion and diversity of the tech workforce. There are over 650 Signatory organisations in the UK that we can collaborate with enabling us to learn and share practical tools and materials around inclusion and diversity.

What's Next?

Continent are proud signatories of the Tech Talent Charter and look forward to being part of a community dedicated to taking positive action to improve diversity and inclusion. Our talent team looks to implement some of TTC's resources into the hiring strategy to capitalise on finding the best talent. We look forward to sharing diversity data for collective intelligence and welcome everyone to the Contingent team!

Why TTC?

We would encourage every business to be a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter, to continue the development of the community. Ultimately, to drive change and maximise participation from underrepresented groups.