Book a session with one of our B Corp advisors

Book a 30 min, 1-to-1 session with our B Corp advisor. During the session you'll get:

  • Advice from an advisor that has worked with 100s of small & medium-sized companies on their B Corp journeys
  • Interpretation of the questions in the BIA, from an expert that has worked for B Lab (the people that mark your assessment) - so you're clear on what they're looking for
  • An overview of the path to B Corp certification & what your team will need to do at each step

Common problems our customers face on their B Corp journey

It’s hard to know where to start & what to spend time on

  • The BIA is split up into 5 Impact Areas (Governance, Workers, Environment, Community & Customers), which cover 100s of different aspects, policies and initiatives
  • Flying solo, it's very difficult for you and your team to work out what to prioritise
  • This is made even more challenging due to the phrasing of the BIA questions. It's not always obvious what they are driving at.

Driving momentum alongside the day job is hard

  • Without support, some companies start their B Corp journey but never complete it
  • Depending on size, complexity, resources and many other factors we've seen companies take between 6-18 months to attain B Corp status
  • Maintaining momentum and keeping the team on track throughout this period isn't always easy

Keeping up B Corp standards isn't always easy

  • Once you achieve B Corp status, you're required to re-certify every three years
  • Making sure that everyone at your business continues to uphold and roll out the standards you have committed to is tricky, especially as the business grows
  • You want to make sure new hires, teams, suppliers are all bought into the ways of working that got you that B Corp status